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The Business Students' Union represents all the business students of HKUST, therefore the design of the logo of Business Students' union also means a lot to us - Business Students.

The center of the logo is a combination of the letters "B" and "S" representing Business Students. The combination means unity among all the business students. The background is an abstract of the entrance piazza, which represents Our University - HKUST. The entire logo was drawn in a three-dimensional view in order to give a feeling that with her open "arms", UST is embracing the Business Students.

The combination of "B" and "S" is floating in the air. In addition, with the straight lines in behind, it brings out an idea that Business Students are taking off, pointing at the sky and soaring high.

The whole idea of the logo is that, under the embrace of UST, we grow up, develop and finally we challenge the world and build a better tomorrow for the people of Hong Kong and the world. - quoted from The BSU Annual Journal 1992, written by Leung Kwok Kuen.

Address: Mailbox #15, Student Amenities, HKUST, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Email: su_bsu@ust.hk
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